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Roses are the favored flowers for Valentine’s Day. They are spectacular flowers, wildly colorful and fabulously fragrant, yet very delicate. Few people know the secret to extending the bloom time of this magnificent flower. Once you know the steps to follow when working with roses then you will enjoy them for a week or more.

  • When purchasing roses look for ones that have very tight buds that have not yet begun to open.
  • If you buy them from the store be sure to cover them well when bringing them from the store to the car. By tying a bag over the blossoms you will protect them from the winter cold which can damage them instantly
  • Once you have them home place them in cool water. Cut the stems at a diagonal, under water. They should be cut at least 2” up from the bottom. The diagonal cut allows for more water absorption.
  • If the floral supplier did not give you a packet of floral food to add to the water then add in a couple teaspoons of sugar.
  • Remove the outside 3 petals from each flower. I am not certain why it is but this helps the flower to create a larger bloom. (For a romantic treat you can add these petals to a steaming bubble bath).