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We had a wonderful experience purchasing a house with Ms. Becky Dalke recently and would like to share it with you.

We bought a three-bedroom house in Shrewsbury 15 years ago.  Since then our family expanded. We now have a teenage son and my in-laws often stay with us. We were considering an upgrade to a larger house in Shrewsbury during the summer of 2013. We met Becky during an open house.  She was the seller’s agent at a beautiful house that happened to be too small for us.  There were many people at the open house and Becky spotted us and asked us what we were looking for in a home.  It turned out that she was a listing agent on a bigger house just down the street in Boylston.   Our son is in a private school and we were okay with living in a town next to Shrewsbury. We visited the house the next day and although we liked it, this home was still not quite right for us.  Becky did not try to force us to buy this house.  She was willing to show us a couple of more houses so that we could compare. She even introduced us to another agent who could act in our behalf as a buyer’s agent if we decided to put in an offer on her listing.

After several visits to various homes, we finally found a beautiful house that we liked very much.   However, we had concerns because the house had been empty for three year and we wondered why it had not been sold.  Becky understood our concerns and completed a market analysis for us, to determine the best value for the house.   She suggested that we make an offer and conduct a thorough home inspection. Through a series of negotiations, she was able to help us to reduce the sale price by $50,000 and the seller accepted the offer.  She found us a very experienced home inspector and stayed with us for a 4-hour home inspection.   As a result of the findings in the home inspection, we still had concerns with such a large investment.  To alleviate our concerns, Becky found us a professional licensed structural engineer to inspect the house.  The engineer assured us that the home was structurally sound and well built.

We are thankful that Becky took the time during her busy open house to talk with us about what would be important to us.  Her ability to think and pay attention to our needs made a great difference. We now have a house that is well-worth the value we paid. We are enjoying it every day and are very proud of our investment. We sincerely thank Becky for her honesty and timeless support during our home purchase, which is one of the biggest decisions we have ever made. She is the best real estate agent you will ever find in Central Massachusetts. We strongly recommend her!



Nan Zhang & Yunsheng Ma-West Boylston, MA

Although it has only been about six weeks since we finalized the sale of our house, it seems like a very long time ago!

Now that the dust has settled and Cathy and I have a chance to look back on the whole hectic process of putting our house on the market and getting all the way to closing, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a great job on our behalf. 

Your professionalism, your knowledge of the marketing and sales process and of the real estate market and your advice and counsel were always right on target and exactly what we needed.  This wasn't the first time either of us had ever bought or sold homes but it was by far the best real estate brokerage experience either of us has had.  We were probably pretty "high touch" clients and we want to thank you for always being available to answer any questions we had and for helping to guide us through the whole (sometimes nerve-wracking) experience!

If we can ever be of any assistance to you as a reference or if we could be helpful in any other way, please don't hesitate to let us know.



Tom & Cathy Kilcoyne-Shrewsbury, MA